General Report

Well organised, some nice new features such as fancy signing and maps.  No disasters or problems discernable to me as a player.  Bit of a cock up in the time advertised for the Pub Quiz.  They said 2100 but apparently meant 2230.  Attendance at the Quiz was down surprisingly!  Not quite as many traders as previous years but those that were there occupied the same space so it didn’t look empty.  Didn’t look like a huge number of punters through the door but hey I was playing games.  Didn’t stay for prizes etc as I had a train to catch.  A cautious thumbs up overall.

Mr Robinson

After Action Reports

 Report 1


Game 1 Ottoman v  Ottoman – I think an 11-9 loss.  Point of interest was mass Janissary shoot out, my 2 eights versus his 2 eights.  I routed both of his but one recovered and survived the game, the other I pursued to destruction after shooting its rear rank off and charging it.

Game 2 Ottoman v Ilkhanid – I think this was an 11-9 win.  Played a Frenchman. Point of interest and comedy moment was charging a Cavalry block with Serbs.  Cav evaded and I caught them.  In the process caused another Cav BG to evade.  Broke the 1st Cav BG on impact and pursued it, causing the 2nd Cav BG to evade.  Pursued again in JAP causing 2nd Cav BG to evade for third time.  Quite close to his table edge by this point 🙂

Game 3 Ottoman v Moldavian (with Pole Ally) 10-10 draw.  Point of interest was his Superior Javelin, Sword, Bow light horse standing everytime I charged them with Janissaries.  Not sure myself how good a tactic that is but he got away with it on numerous occasions (ie passed cohesion tests and death rolls).  Fled 2 of them off table by the end of the game and the Janissaries looted his baggage (obviously he got a couple of my BGs and baggage).

Game 4 Ottoman v Swiss.  A 13-7 win.  Point of interest.  Shot one Pike block to rout with 2 units of average LH.  Charged a second in the flank with 2 Elite Cavalry elements.  It was fragged as time was called!  Comedy moment was the terrain.  He put down a coast and 2 elongated Impassables (we fought in the Mountains).  I moved the latter so they screwed him more than me and added plenty of crap terrain of my own. (my army was stuffed by the terrain anyway).  All my LF and Janissaries had a field day v his LF (all XB and firearm armed).  And my LH jumped in and out of the gaps causing mayhem.

Game 5 Ottoman v French Ordnance – 13-7 win.  point of interest and comedy moment was his attempts to hold a steep hill on his otherwise open right flank with a BG of longbow, a BG of 4 LF javelins and a BG of poor Undrilled longbow.  Surrounded hill with light horse, Janissaries and handgunners.  2 of his units shot to rout with no damage in return, the third just got away recovering (poor quality) from fragmented and eventually got to safety..  Main issue was he couldn’t get his general in to rally at key moment because of movement reduction on hill.

Game 6 Ottoman v  Ottoman – a 13-7 loss.  Played another French man.  Point of interest was his army design.  Pretty standard with Serbs  other than 6 field fortifications and a 6 of Superior Light Horse lancers.

Mr Robinson

Report 2


9-16 vs. Scots Royalist (ECW) Two pike Kiels went straight through the Scots left (eventually taking out 12 attrition points. However the Irish pike and shot in the centre were tougher and held the other two Kiels until one was dragged down by numbers exposing the other and the gendarmes. Had I more experience I would probably have sent the gendarmes to exploit on the flank where we were doing well – I underestimated the time it would take the pike to get back in the fight. Getting the timing right proved to be a bit of a theme.

17-3 vs. 30 Years War French. Much more to plan with pikes crashing through the main line and into soft bit behind. Enough got away to save his army.

16-9 vs. Late Imperial Spanish. Bit of an odd game this. Quality pike and shot decided to take the charge of all the Kiels before the flanks do much. The only real danger for me is just before I charge they get in some close range musketry. Unfortunately, this disrupts a central Kiel. We charge anyway as we’re up at impact, win but lose the general on a 12 so we frag. Since the other generals are committed it breaks and the elite unit next to it gets flanked and ground down. Meanwhile the gendarmes have also gone down. So a bit of a problem – 8 points down, not many to go and he’ll get the camp soon. Plus the only two fighting units remaining aren’t fighting enough to do much damage. However, help is at hand in the form of enemy units charging the flanks. Now there is enough to take out his army, and in a few turns that happens. Perhaps attacking in echelon would have worked better.

11-9 vs. Late imperial Austrian. One of Alistair Harley’s ‘mounted plus heavy artillery and minimum infantry’ combos. We march the whole army out of range of the guns. Two Kiels pin a mounted unit each into different corners and kill them and he takes my camp. Still 90 mins to go but it’ll take 6 turns to reform my army then another 6 to catch him so we call it there.

3-22 vs. League of Augsburg Anglo Dutch (massed muskets). The Dutch spread out and moved forward to secure some bad going on their left with a couple of shot units. After doing so, Richard read his rules and realised I’d get a POA in melee for 4 ranks of pike. All looking good as he’s committed, with artillery and camp behind. So much so that I think 2 Kiels should be plenty enough and aim the other two to exploit into his centre. When lining up to charge the two shot units I make a mistake and get one of the Kiels a bit too close. They disrupt from Musket and artillery fire when the shot close the range. Better to charge than to take another two shots but we fragment at impact. I compound the error by holding another Kiel back to clear up the mess. That leaves the last of my Kiel facing too much fire (20 close range musket and gun dice at one point!) and that’s that. Again I think an echelon might have been better.

20-5 vs. Scots Covenanters. A more straightforward battle where the Kiels power forward into pike and shot and horse and butcher all before them.

Mr Briggs